Sunday, February 12, 2012

Desi Daru

I began this year with a course in Packaging Design. One with a brief so exciting, my head began to explode with eccentric ideas. Here is the task Kruti, our teacher and partner in general mayhem, posed to us:

Task: To position DESI DARU as a Vodka that captures the true Indian ‘spirit’ 
Target Audience Primary: The urban party goers (18 - 40 yrs) who enjoy their alcohol & are equally happy to rock to chikni chameli as they are to mr. saxobeat (in short - YOU)
Target Audience Secondary: The foreigner who wants a taste of the local spirit.
USP: Strong spicy Indian flavour. A brand that aims to captures the pulse of the new Indian 
party scene which has stopped aping the west and is proud to wear it’s local identity 
on it’s sleeve. 
Visual Experience: Indian/contemporary with a twist  - India modern
Guidelines: Research vodka, local and international brands and it’s packaging.
The label must have a concept/story/inspiration.
The label must incorporate all the mandatory details.
The final outcome will have to be presented on an actual bottle.

With a mere 6 days at hand, you can imagine what a frenzy we were in. It didn't help that I spent 2 out of those 6 days in the hospital with my Krishiemonster brother while he recovered from extensive surgery. Nevertheless, my idea took form. Here is the one I settled on. 

A palace of illusions. One that seems to be just another palace if you're not looking closely enough. But,  if you are, through its windows you'll see a Raja and a Rani and their real Kahaani. Come even closer and you'll find Raja Hindustani and Rani Mukherjee having a jolly good time. 
India is now home to a youth that does not apologize for their boldness. We dance like there's no tomorrow, gossip about anything we can, drink like fish, get jiggy with strangers, and quite frankly do not give a shit what anyone thinks. We live in our own fantastical palaces. 

Here is what the bottle looks like right now.

Some self bashing:
I wish I had had a palace long enough to cover the whole bottle. I guess you don't know what your work is going to look like until 30 minutes before its due, at which point you just say, 'Uh oh. Kya karega.'
In retrospect, my choice of type might not have been the best idea. 
I'm reworking this. Soon, I hope. And I'm definitely trying my other ideas out too. Also soon, I hope. For now, I'd love some feedback. 

Overall, a superfun start to the year.


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