Saturday, December 18, 2010

Raja ko Rani se pyaar ho gaya

If you're thinking "Enh? What?"
Here's an explanation.
We did this course in college on Visual culture with Sirish.
He re-introduced us to the street. 
Cool chap really. From Valley School too. 

We saw matchboxes and supari packets and film posters and educational charts as representatives of street culture. And then, we began to look at what the street means to us.

To me, playing cards are perhaps the most common tool for recreation on the street. Get into a bazaar at that time of the day when there is a lull in sales, and you'll quite frequently find a circle of pot-bellied uncles gambling. This sight weaves well with the sounds of animated chatter seasoned with colloquial phrases. 
This brought me to think about Kahavats and Muhavras in hindi, and how when literally translated, there is a complete mish-mash of understanding. Another common occurrence on the street. 

So I thought, why not start with a pack of cards that represents just that. The street, to me. 
A little bit of pop culture, some Hindi, some English, some illustration, some fun. 
Here are my Raja of diamonds and Rani of hearts. 

The shapes are a mish-mash of western playing cards and the traditional Ganjifah. 
I'd love some feedback.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I love.

I love Big Chashmas on illustrated characters.
And Big Swirly hair.
And multiple piercings.
And cool Twirly shoes.