Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Feline-Canine Romance.

A stray doodle of a stray cat.

I am not a cat lover, in the least. In fact, I find them to be the coldest, most vicious, self absorbed mammals in the animal kingdom. Felines. Ekh. Not my scene. 
Except when it comes to drawing them in amusing ways. 

I am, however, a dog person. They cuddle, and lick, and know when you're down. And are quite fun to draw too. They are also big posers and love being photographed. My nutty boxer, Beans, is proof of that. 

I'm strange in many ways. Friends often compare me to a feline creature, what with my obsessive, meticulous working style. OCD-ed and how, folks. And with the cold axe I can quite easily swing when I think I've had just about enough of someone's nonsense tantrums. Funnily, its the pushy, cuddly, nauseatingly clingy love that I get from my little Beansie that fixes every bad day. 
A feline-canine romance we have.