Thursday, December 24, 2009

See, Unite,Be.

In my heart is the will to fly

Upon the treelorn swing.

I dream of the lotus, lost in love

And those that are parched, lost in hope.

    And dream of togetherness

That will unite and quench the thirst in me

I dream to see from high above

The endless blue,
this lovely sea of thoughts.

In my oneness with me,

I am free to see, unite, be.

Last year, as part of an assignment at college, we were given 20 thumbnails of some pretty random things. We were to pick ten, note a word we associated with each, and connect these 10 words somehow. Super floofy being my forte, I came up with this poem.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dil thithli sa

Im stuck.
Like these butterflies.
But neither of us have lost our colour or our joy. 

Thursday, December 17, 2009


When I draw, it's like I'm somewhere else. Hearing what my surroundings say, but not really listening. Dreaming about cheesecake sometimes, and sometimes being cross with everything and everyone around me. Musing my resentment for change in those I love. And then, there's the cheesecake again. Suddenly, I am talking to pa in my head. And then, I'm shopping with ma. And Krish is grumbling about the pongal at school. Thinking about endless fun with Sanu and her imitations. Di and I are giggling and the conversation is incoherent. Nani and Dabu entertaining my catastrophic Sindhi. Shankoo is apologising for something ridiculous again, and smothering all and sundry with his magic kissies. Veenu masi insists I'm lying to her about Shankoo. Dadima insisting that I've lost weight when it's quite the contrary. Engaging in conversation with bubble masi and Prashant jijaji, whilst little dedum makes fart noises in the background. Then comes the memory of being sick while masi has labour pains. Once my queasiness was assuaged, Dedum was born at precisely 2 minutes to 8 o'clock. Arguing about religion with Dadaji and realising, while I may not be able to ever do that again, he is here with me, arguing again. Medha is spacing out during conversation, surprise, surprise. And then there's that perfect cheesecake again. This time, I'm at dinner with ma, pa, namu aunty, anil uncle, saand, saach and K. We are obsessing over this magnificent cheesecake and indulging in hilarity. Before I know it, I'm smiling. And I look back at what I'm drawing.

Someday, I will have you tattooed on me, to remind me of everything and everyone I love. To tell me who I am, everyday.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Some of us were born to be mumma's chotuu babies. Though I tell my mumma I love her everyday, I don't think it's enough to express my adoration and admiration for her. I wouldn't be me without you, ma.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Because I must.

Sometimes, you don't know where you are. Sometimes, you wonder if where you are is where you should be. There are options, but then you wonder, 'Am I running away?' And then you wonder, 'Am I just doing what feels natural to me?'

And then it occurs to me, 'I am running away from the things that are weighing me down to what is right for me.'

People talk. They always do. Of the voices in my head, it is mine that is clearest. I will be pigheaded. I will stop being so critical of myself. I will run, hop, skip.