Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fading Beauty

Written in 7 short minutes for a competition. Title of blog post= alloted topic.

She stands before her mirror.
Her eyes bear a question.
She wipes the Kohl from her eyes.
The earrings that have been like weights are slipped gracefully into their boxed place.
Her necklace slides swift like a serpent as she undoes it's clasp.
Her bangles clink as they are removed.
The rich sari that not so long ago draped majestically 'round her is now neatly folded and away.
She smudges the red bindi that has marked her forehead until it is nothing.
She stares at the bare stranger in the mirror.
I watch as her beauty fades.
I watch as her beauty emerges.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

As part of our Introduction to Graphic Design module, we were expected to design a greeting card. Mine was a Raksha Bandhan card. I xeroxed and sent it out to all my brothers/cousins/adopted brother figures. Lots of teensie notes about missing and memories. This post is to all of these twitties:
Goobinder, Shankoo, Dedum, Jujup, Ay, Harshipoo,Krunipoo and Subbi Bhaiya.
K- You cook, and squabble, and burp and fart and make me happier than anyone else in the world. I love you so so much.
Shankoo- It's hard to imagine a day without you. I'm dreading long distance phone calling and not seeing you everyday once the summer comes around.
Dedum- You are my chotu-est bhai, and probably the most gifted with regards to musical skills. I speak not just of the fart sound parade that you perform with such finesse on skype for me.
Jujup- You give me one hug and everything is good. If only you were closer. I see how hard you are working now, and I'm very proud.
Ay- You've had me hitting my head against the wall. You've had me worried. You've made me laugh so much. Don't change. Ever.
Harsha- I've bullied you, and you've bullied me. But I know that of all these boys, you are the one that keeps my rakhi tied on your wrist until it's ready to fall off on its own. You've grown into a strapping young lad, I hear the ladies say.
Krunal- Despite all the jokes I make, I'm really thankful for you. With you and Shankoo around, I always feel warm and covered in armour. You are the bestest G-U-J-J-U!
Subbi Bhaiya- There are a million anecdotes that come to mind, some funny, some embarrassing. There's years and years of growing up that involve you watching over Imaado, Zoi, Tiz and me. Bully you are, and shall be forevermore.
Thank you all for being you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Because I'm in class and have nothing to do

I want to write, but all that comes to mind is an 'AaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaa!' Anyhow. Long back, I was all in love with Corel Draw, and these were the outcome of much ctrl+d(ing)! Yes, well. They are colourfooool!!