Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh what fun it'd be.

While at Ogilvy and Mather over the summer, one of my assignments was to sketch palaces in my own style for the Royal Orchid Hotels print campaign. Whether or not the sketches materialized into print, I do not know. But here are some. 

It got me thinking, sketching all these ornate structures. Imagine being Tipu Sultan or some cool Raja with an eccentrically twirly moustache.
Imagine having
a) A palace that one plays fancy-shmancy in and does routine things like boss people around and eat in gold plates and things, and
b) A summer palace for when one gets bored with bossing people around and eating in gold plates and things, just so one may have another, possibly awesomely located, place to do just the same. I know, right? And the poor went hungry and killed themselves. Sigh. Monarchies.

Frankly. I don't know whether I'd be fat from the inflated ego and much eating, or skinny from walking to where I could eat/annoy poor, helpless people. But the twirly moustache would be fun.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fail. But chalta hai.

Done long, long ago for Dabu. He said my Shivji was simply too thin. 
"Kya beta. Shivji thodi itne patle hain? Kuch muscle-vuscle banao toh sahi."
Fail. But chalta hai. 

*Dabu: Nanaji. Anecdote. Flashback to when I was a year old and a complete jabber mouth. Vini masi, ma and Bubble masi call him Daddy. Courtesy baby-slip-of-tongue and incessant need to talk, I used to call him Dabbi. 'Dabbi' ages through time, evolutionary consequence = 'Dabu'.
Catchy. So now all five of his grandchildren call him that. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back from a long break

Yes. It's been forever. And yes, it was necessary for me to take one long break from all the blogging. Over the summer, I fell in love all over again. With our little boxer puppy, Beans. I did an internship at Ogilvy and Mather in Bengaluru, and worked with some of the most fun, inspiring, spectacular characters. I changed college and am back home, which is wonderful.
College has begun. I'm here. Trying to find my bearings amidst those that have already been around. I'm going to say as little as possible, physically, to avoid trivialities and controversy. And so, I will write, and paint, and photograph, and read.
I'm back. :)