Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh what fun it'd be.

While at Ogilvy and Mather over the summer, one of my assignments was to sketch palaces in my own style for the Royal Orchid Hotels print campaign. Whether or not the sketches materialized into print, I do not know. But here are some. 

It got me thinking, sketching all these ornate structures. Imagine being Tipu Sultan or some cool Raja with an eccentrically twirly moustache.
Imagine having
a) A palace that one plays fancy-shmancy in and does routine things like boss people around and eat in gold plates and things, and
b) A summer palace for when one gets bored with bossing people around and eating in gold plates and things, just so one may have another, possibly awesomely located, place to do just the same. I know, right? And the poor went hungry and killed themselves. Sigh. Monarchies.

Frankly. I don't know whether I'd be fat from the inflated ego and much eating, or skinny from walking to where I could eat/annoy poor, helpless people. But the twirly moustache would be fun.