Monday, July 13, 2009

The awesomeness that is Unnikrishnan Iyer (At the risk of sounding obsessed)

My obsession with South India, it's food and it's accents.......All materialised into the development of my awesome Tam-Brahm, Unnikrishnan Iyer.
After repeated rough sketches, it was awesome when I could finally put him in my green book. And it was more awesome when I got to use him in an assignment as an animated character deeply engrossed in twitter with a kutti-papa sardarji ( Bucky's little Jassoo).
In this post you will find Unni doing funny things, the funniest being his jaw-dropping.
Unni says " 'Ssappening? " in true filter coffee style.
Thank you, Kela....umm, A.K.A, Reishabh Kailey, for filling him in with colour on photoshop.