Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fail. But chalta hai.

Done long, long ago for Dabu. He said my Shivji was simply too thin. 
"Kya beta. Shivji thodi itne patle hain? Kuch muscle-vuscle banao toh sahi."
Fail. But chalta hai. 

*Dabu: Nanaji. Anecdote. Flashback to when I was a year old and a complete jabber mouth. Vini masi, ma and Bubble masi call him Daddy. Courtesy baby-slip-of-tongue and incessant need to talk, I used to call him Dabbi. 'Dabbi' ages through time, evolutionary consequence = 'Dabu'.
Catchy. So now all five of his grandchildren call him that. :)

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