Friday, May 4, 2012


Some of us are made slightly more filmi than the others. So in early March, when many of us took up a weeklong workshop learning Shibori, I set myself the task of making myself something filmi to wear.

Most of the week was spent learning the many techniques of the art form. Many knots and much contemplation later, I settled on creating a black and white malmal outfit for myself. Meera, my teacher, was not surprised when I told her I wanted to do something with a stark black and white contrast. 

Blistered fingers and dehydration apart, this assignment was worth every bit of effort. I was overjoyed when I unknotted and unclamped my fabric, and further thrilled when Ma and I described to the tailor exactly what I wanted.

When the final garment came home to me I jumped around like the clown I am, overjoyed. I am the kind of person that is rarely ever happy with the final outcome of my effort. Yet, the imperfection and simplicity of this piece leaves me absolutely thrilled.

Medhi, my lovely lovely friend, gets to do this for a living. Of her I could not be more envious. I do believe that she will continue to inspire me to try my hand at Shibori every now and again.

For now I think I’ll prance around in my new clothes.

*insert background score here*


medha said...

Its really gorgeous! i think you should do this for a living! <3 come join me!!

Reishabh. K said...

I agree with Medha. It's boooooooooootiful.

Nalini said...

u need to design me an outfit sweetie!!I love what you made

Anushka said...

Aww. Thank you babies. <3

Aunty Nannoo, pukka! :)

mekayla said...

Hello! I think you are AMAZING! You are so great at drawing! I'm friends with your cousin Devansh Rai!