Friday, March 18, 2011

Remind me, do.

The summer is nearly here. It brings vacations that bear the lingering possibility of an internship. My brain is full of worry that the places I'd like to work at are not inclined to respond to me. The suspense and the fear of no news on that front are cluttering my thoughts.

To relieve myself of this worrying, I draw. With an ink pen retrieved from the base of an unfrequented drawer. What comes of it, is this. Someday, I plan to have this tattooed on myself, in the hope that it will remind me to calm my nerves when they are antsy and overworked. 


urshila shelar said...

Anush, this piece is really beautiful! And I am so glad you want to get it tattooed on yourself someday :) Maybe you can design one for me as well :)
And your blog is so awesome! I only wish I had extra time in the day to update my stuff :(
But keep going!! Brilliant stuff! Also liked the colour thingis you've done!

Anushka said...

Thank you, my love. :)
I'm truly humbled.

My mommie said something about the spine and a tattoo and abandoning me. :(

I shall design one for you whenever you want me to. <3

I really wish you had time too. I have very little, but whenever I get a spare moment, I upload away.