Thursday, April 7, 2011

Perfect chintuk book courtesy Chumbak

Here are scribbles from a tiny book I won on a contest on Chumbak's facebook page. I promised that I'd send Shubhra scribbles from my book when I had some. My little pocket book goes everywhere with me. These scribbles are mostly from when I'm idling in class. 

Thank you Shubhra and Alicia. 


dumbo said...

gr8 work :) wish blogger had a like button !!

Alicia Souza said...

Aww..they are lovely!
Thanks so much!

Your characters are adorable!

Anushka said...

@Dumbo: Thank you ever so much. :)

@Alicia: Thanks Alicia. :D
That's HUGE coming from you.

Anotherkid said...

I love both the bird drawings, especially the one in a cage.

Call me nautanki (and this time I'll understand too), but I think your work is brilliant. I meant to say this when I first saw your sketches in the bus, but being the social being that I am, never got around to it.
PS,I really think you should check out Brandon Boyd's art. He has a lot of swirly lines too.
PPS, The write ups are very touching too. I wish I was one of your siblings, after reading that post. :P