Thursday, October 14, 2010

Layout assignment

Cover spread

End paper

Half title spread

Copyright/Preface spread

Contents spread

Introduction spread

Red spread

Blue spread

Yellow spread

Green spread

Violet spread

Pink spread

Brown spread

Orange spread

Grey spread

Black spread

White spread

Conclusion spread

End paper

Done three months ago as an assignment at college. Looking back, there's little I like about it. 
I had great fun while making it though. Endless hours of waiting for software to respond. Saving space-hogging giant files. Illustrating. More illustrating. Coaxing the printer at Printo to not mess with my colors. Rushing for my submission, only to be greeted by an extremely happy teacher. 
Good fun, all of it.
Feedback welcome. 


Taaneyasinterlude said...

The girl with the sunflower in her hair is so pweety :)

Gaurav Hablani said...

absolutely love the grey spread