Friday, October 8, 2010

Because some people we just love.

It's Jo's 21st birthday, and none of us are with her. I know she's sad. And I wish I could magically transport myself right to her. Sadly, this is the best I can do.
Dear Jo,
Happy 21st Birthday! I wish I were there in person to tell you this, but I'm not. So here goes. We've known each other not so long. That said, you are one of my closest friends. One that I know I'll be in touch with, no matter what. It's almost impossible for us to go a day without talking to each other. Even if it's just about Beans's eccentricities, or which movie is out and we are eager to watch. We worry together, we giggle about things that are funny only to us. We love cheesecake, and I'm sorry that we never got to go on our private cheesecake girl date back in Pune. I wish we could do that now. I wish we could be back there sometimes. Dancing away. Like there's no care in the world. 
I hope that life for you is always a roller-coaster ride of fun, love, friendship and memories. 
Know that you have all of us with you, even if we're not there in person. I'm there. I promise.
Lastly, I hope that we can meet soon so I can give you your real present.
Love you very, very much.
Yes, I'm keeping the name. 

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