Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Summer vacation?

The summer is here. It's too hot and too sunny to appreciate the little things around me. Everyone is irritable and snappy. I'm gritting my teeth because something is always bugging me. They'll be enamel dust soon, the teensy things. So, I'm taking a break from everything. Including blogging, unless I somehow find inspiration amidst all this miserab-ilia. Until then, I'm praying for rain.


ship said...
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weevil girl said...

i dig your blog!
this city makes me blog less myself, and i hadnt come across too many bloggers from sid so this is a good start. :D

Gulzar said...

ahhhhh! Summer break....loads of lemon drink and siestas...

Liked your blog! all the best with your design!

warm wishes