Saturday, January 9, 2010

Resolutions for the New Year

1. Be happier.
2. Disconnect.
3. Fix health issues. Die PCOD! Die!
4. Relocate.
5. Stick to budget.
6. Read more.
7. Find time for the SELF
8. Judge less
9. Say thank you everyday for those that are mine.
10. Paint. Because I want to. Not because I must.
11. Love more.
12. Live more.


Reishabh. K said...

Super floofy anush. As expected. :)

Ahmed said...

OMG! So I was reading the first and I said, hmmmm, read the next and thought, hmmm.. this was me in college too... then I read the third and I went like, OMG! I have to leave a comment and say 'I feel ya sista!' :P

PCOD doesn't die in the end of book. Sigh.
I'd like to know what you're doing to deal with it. Mine is pretty hideous too.