Thursday, November 12, 2009

For those who know me very little, silver jewellery is my distinguishing fashion statement. I had to submit a compostion for a photography test, and thought it best to use what I've got.

My obsession began with the bangles, a gift from nani, who many years back gave Di and I all the silver she had been storing. As I grew, my silver grew in amount and variety. I added to the collection of bangles, bought many a pairs of earrings, flicked lots of ma's rings, and bought some of my own. I couldn't possibly imagine myself without all my stuff, materialistic though it may seem.

This composition has my much loved bangles, the earrings pa bought me after i made him drive to squiggly silver streets in Ooty that he had never seen before despite studying there for 10 years ( expected, i suppose ), and a ring I bought this dhanteras for myself.

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