Monday, October 26, 2009

Comical story

We had this super floofy assignment in class that involved storyboarding using tangrams. The floofy part being the theme, ours was water. So while Quails, Bucks, Pooja and Atta busied themselves with creating sea creatures out of tangrams, amidst much frenzy for other reasons, I concocted a floofy story/poem to go.
Here goes:
One gloomy Monday morning, Eustice the Sea Horse had the Monday morning blues. He was late for work, but too lazy to move. Athena, the friendly water, knew that he would lose his job at 'Algae Kitchen' if he didn't get to work pronto.
She worked her magic and sent a current his way to carry him swiftly there.
Now speaking of 'Algae Kitchen', Fat Fish was there last night. She ate not one, nor two, but seven special deep fried algae platters. She looked at herself in the mirror this morning and moaned and groaned at her size. She swore to fight her way from fat to fit.
Many days and several visits to 'Algae Kitchen' later, she had lost hope. Athena heard her hopeless cries. Each time Fat Fish made her way to 'Algae Kitchen', Athena turned the tides around and gushed her to the aqua-aerobics class nearby. Soon enough, Fat Fish was fit and such a little healthy git!
Now Crabby the Crab was having a bad day. Fat Fish was gone, his business was astray. Eustice the Sea Horse was late again! Athena just had to make Crabby happy. It just wouldn't do to have him snappy.
She snapped her fingers and turned the tides. Bearing spatula and algae patty did Eustice arrive. The doors flew open and in did come swarms of hungry deep sea chums.
Somewhere at a dingy booth James the seven sided Starfish sat. Before him his untouched algae and soda- low fat! Athena knew that he thought himself strange. A Starfish with seven sides was quite a big change. She knew his morale was on an all time low. Little did he know how far he had to go. She gushed him by and whispered, "Oh James, don't be sad. You really are special, you are here to fight the bad. You are not just James Bond, but 007. The protector of the feeble and the slayer of evil!"
Athena makes happy those who are sad. She fight's for all that's good and against all that's bad. Love this blue beauty, and you will be glad!

That's it! P.s, we had a tangram mermaid as a bond girl and whatnot!

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