Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Footwork, Genda Phool and What if?

Photography workshop at college.
Forced to take pictures.
Refused to be typical and photograph flowers and flaa-flaa.
Okay, One of them is my feet, with my payals,etc.I've titled it Footwork.
One is Atta looking all contemplative. She was actually thinking, "Hmm...should I eat at the canteen or at the mess?" Clearly, such a life altering decision. I called this one, What if?
Haan, the last one is what happens to Atta everytime she hears the song Genda Phool from Delhi 6. She attains some super-Madu-ness, and starts dancing like she's doing the thumri, hence the twirly hand movements. You can see why I've called this one Genda Phool.
Thanks to the Atta (actually known to most as Medha), and to the Krunal Patel for lending me his camera. And to my mommy and poppy and Krishy for supporting me and always being there for me. Okay, I only put that in because it sounded like I had won an Oscar, what with all the thanking. Also, I guess you hardly appreciate the people you take for granted, so thought, chalo, may as well types. Ok, now bas, haan. Kindly leave honest feedback and/or critisism, so I may anticipate my marks. THankee!


Anonymous said...

i love you....and im glad u remember my real name...hehe

Anand said...

Hmmmm... Im sure ur photographic skill can improve if u keep at it.
The pics look v.neat and ur explanation quite satisfying.

Ill visit u more.
Anand. :-)

Ragini Lall said...

one of my favourite pictures of medhvada :) (the contemplative look et al!)