Friday, September 19, 2008

Through A Glass Darkly...

This is a quote from a book I have read and re-read until it's words threatened to ooze from every orifice.It's called 'Through a glass,Darkly' and it's by Jostien Gaarder. The book is about life and death and how both are impossible to run away from. The following quote is to be savoured once it's meaning is truly understood.

"The angels in heaven can never be destroyed.That's because they do not have a body of flesh and blood that their soul can be parted from.That's not how it is in creation.Here everything is destroyed very easily.Even a mountain is slowly ground down and becomes earth and sand in the end. There's mischief afoot in nature.There's trouble brewing in creation.
You don't always understand completely what you have created.For instance I can draw or paint something on a piece of paper. That doesn't mean I understand how it is to be the thing I've drawn.What I draw isn't alive after all. And that's what so strange: that I'm alive!"


Cat-on-the-moon said...

thats one of my favourite quotations from the book.:)

Naman Saraiya said...

I love the blog.
It's so beautiful all over.
Some things leave me spellbound.
Every bit of it, is just amazing, Somehow.

Anushka said...

Thanks Naman. :)